Recorded Events in the Community

A collection of DDMN and community events:

Know Your Rights!

When the public is empowered with information about their rights they are better able to keep themselves safe and advocate for positive change. These beliefs are what this community legal education program, Know Your Rights, is based upon. This presentation is for youth and people who work with youth.

* Protecting Your Rights When Interacting With the Police in Public and in School Settings
* Rules Around Search and Seizure

DDMN is excited to host Lupita Herrera from the Legal Rights Center for this presentation. They are a community-driven nonprofit law firm, specializing in adult criminal and juvenile delinquency defense, restorative justice practices, and youth advocacy.

Recorded Webinar

What we've done - Where we're going

Our director and board members discuss the following:

  • We will share about our organization, our mission, and the impacts we’ve made for the community.
  • We will talk about recent policies passed for educator training; LETRS.
  • A parent will share their journey and how DDMN helped them navigate the education system.
  • A board member will share our new IEP/504 binders created to help parents advocate.
  • Hear about our emerging program, Partners for Parents, to further strengthen what we do to help parents.

What Am I Advocating For? Structured Literacy vs. Balanced Literacy

Ever wonder what exactly you are asking for when you request help for your struggling reader or dyslexic child? What exactly are you asking the teacher to do? Do you know what good literacy instruction looks like? Join us and find out exactly what it is that makes structured literacy so effective and how it compares to balanced literacy.
When advocating for your struggling reader, it is important to understand what you are advocating for. You will be asked to participate as a student in demo lessons so you can walk away with an appreciation of the depth and complexity of our spoken and written words that needs to be taught to our children. More importantly, you will walk away understanding what your child needs to learn effectively!
Have a writing utensil and paper on hand while watching the video.

Recorded webinar

Resources to dig deeper

Dyslexic Success Stories

October 26, 2020, Decoding Dyslexia MN put together the first virtual event for both parents and children with dyslexia. We assembled a panel of dyslexic adults to explain what their journey to adulthood looked like. These webinars allow children to see how dyslexia plays into the successes of others and also to learn that there are others who struggled in the same areas as they do and realize that they are not alone on this journey. For parents, this webinar provides insight into how dyslexia affected others as children and what helped them get through their struggles and highlight their successes. We will continue to host these events to hear different perspectives. Watch them all!

Facebook Live Videos

Fearless Conversation: Literacy and Equity in the 21st Century: Closing the Opportunity Gap, University of Maryland, College of Education, January 8, 2021

The Dyslexia Initiative has lots of recorded talks on their FB page.

International Dyslexia Association's (IDA) Motivational Monday Presentation

November 2, 2020, Pete Wright presents for parents and caregivers on navigating the special education process. Link to slides.

Book Discussion

Higher Education Literacy Partnership (HELP) Book Discussion with Dr. Mark Seidenberg, author of Reading at the Speed of Sight, Can Reading Research Improve Literacy Outcomes?, October 1, 2020 (link to handouts)

Assistive technology and online learning:

Rachel Berger, Microsoft, starts at minute 4:15, "Supporting Remote Learning Using Free Microsoft Tools" Spring 2020

Erika Kluge, from Think with Success presents "Using the iPad and Mac Computer for Remote Learning -- Making Reading and Writing Easier" March 30, 2020 Handout

Jennifer Hasser, from Kendore Learning presents "Parents Guide to Reading Intervention in an Era of Online Learning" April 7, 2020

“How Minnesota's New and Amended Education Statutes Apply to You"

(recorded and slides) - Higher Education Literacy Partnership (HELP) hosted a Webinar called “How Minnesota's New and Amended Education Statutes Apply to You" which featured the Minnesota Department of Education Dyslexia Specialist, Dr. Amy Schulting. Decoding Dyslexia Minnesota is a partner with the Higher Education Literacy Partnership. Sept. 2019

Facebook Live: New Dyslexia Laws Panel

(recorded) -  Facebook Live: New Dyslexia Laws Panel. The Reading Center hosted a Facebook Live event to hear more about the historic legislation that was passed this year to help students with dyslexia and other struggling readers in Minnesota. The panel will include members of the Dyslexia Coalition (Decoding Dyslexia MN, The Reading Center, IDA and Groves Acadamy). 


In January 2019, Decoding Dyslexia Minnesota hosted a Dyslexia Advocacy Workshop for parents and teachers. We have videos from the workshop:

  • The DDMN Board Member Panel discussed how to advocate for your child in the school system
  • Parent District Leader went over a detailed plan on how to organize a group in one's own school district to bring about meaningful change for students with dyslexia.