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Reading definitions (federal):

United States CodeTitle 20 - Education, Chapter 70 - Strengthening and Improvement of Elementary and Secondary Schools, Subchapter I - Improving the Academic Achievement of the Disadvangaged, Sec. 6368 - Definitions (2012):

"(5) Reading
The term ‘‘reading’’ means a complex system of deriving meaning from print that requires all of the following:

(A) The skills and knowledge to understand how phonemes, or speech sounds, are connected to print.
(B) The ability to decode unfamiliar words.
(C) The ability to read fluently.
(D) Sufficient background information and vocabulary to foster reading comprehension.
(E) The development of appropriate active strategies to construct meaning from print.
(F) The development and maintenance of a motivation to read."

Minnesota Report Card

Want to see how well students in Minnesota are doing with reading? Check out the Minnesota Report Card (2019). 

2019 Reading: 178,543 out of 441,821 (40.4%) students tested did NOT meet reading proficiency on the MCA-III testing.

The Nation's Report Card

The NAEP looks at reading across the United States. In 2019, only 38% of MN 4th graders tested proficient in reading.

2019, Grade 4 Reading, MN Overview: 31% of students were below NAEP basic in reading; 62% were below NAEP proficient in reading. 

2019, Grade 8 Reading, MN Overview: 26% of students were below NAEP basic in reading; 66% were below NAEP proficient in reading.

You can explore their data here.

MN Administrative Rules and Statutes

This links to our webpage with dyslexia specific rules and statutes. 

MN Academic Standards (K-12)

MDE (MN Department of Education) outlines what should be taught by subject/grade.

MN Administrative Rules for Teacher Licensure

Teacher Licensure falls under PELSB (Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board)

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