MN State Statutes (current as of 2018 session)

In Minnesota, all students not reading at grade level should receive interventions / alternate instruction. The alternate instruction should be scientific, research-based instruction (SBRI) and "multisensory, systematic, sequential, cumulative, and explicit." See statutes 120B.12 and 125A.56 below for specifics. The SRBI instruction is also referenced in MN Rule 3525.1341 which is explained in the IEP section of this website.

120B.12 outlines Read Well by Third Grade. This includes the Local Literacy Plan that every school district must develop and post on its website.

125A.56, subdivision 1 describes alternate instruction to be provided to a child not reading at grade level. If a child does not respond well to intervention, see MN Rule 3525.1341 listed in the section below for IEP qualification guidelines. 

125A.01 defines dyslexia.

122A.06 subdivision 4  defines terms for phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary development, and reading comprehension.

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