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The following resources were compiled for parents beginning their dyslexia journey. The mission of DD-MN is to ensure that children struggling with dyslexia have the ability to reach their full potential with access to an equitable education.  We hope these resources will assist you in advocating for your child in your school district and inspire you to take further action in your community on behalf of all the children in MN.

  1. Don't believe the myths! Dr. Nadine Gaab debunks several myths on the Gaab Lab website.
  2. Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) has a Dyslexia webpage.
  3. MDE, in collaboration with Decoding Dyslexia MN, has created an informational guide called Navigating the School System When a Student is Struggling with Reading or Dyslexia (2015). This informational paper addresses the terms used to describe a struggling reader and how to navigate services and supports within the school and community. Note that some state statutes have changed since publication.
  4. In October 2015, Michael Yudin, with the U.S. Department of Education, wrote a letter offering guidance to clarify that there is nothing in IDEA that prohibits the use of the terms dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia in the IDEA evaluation, eligibility determinations, and the IEP documents.
  5. In November 2015, Michael Yudin wrote another letter stating that children with disabilities must be held to high expectations and meaningful access to a State's academic content standards.  The IEP must align with the content standards for the grade that the child is enrolled.
  6. This School template letter can be addressed and sent to your school board requesting them to take action helping students with dyslexia.
  7. Kelly Sandman-Hurley from the Dyslexia Training Institute wrote a wonderful speech for a School Board Meeting.  You can edit it with your own information to deliver a speech at YOUR school board meeting.
  8. This resource you can sent or print and give to your school - Dyslexia in the Classroom - What Every Teacher Needs to Know - International Dyslexia Association
  9. From the Nation Center for Learning Disabilities, comes The Dyslexia Toolkit.  It contains a lot of signs and symptoms of dyslexia and different age levels.
  10. One-page Dyslexia Awareness Handout that you can print and distribute to family, friends, professionals, teachers, etc. to create awareness of dyslexia symptoms and supplying resources.