DDMN in Action

See us in action! Monthly parent talks are held, but no photos will be posted for privacy.


May 2023 - MN Post Article

April 2023 - MN Literacy Rally

BCAM6410b.jpg  Gov. Waltz    

March 2023 - Testimony & Advocacy in the Senate


February 2023 - Advocacy during the House Hearings


December 2022 - Dr. Dyslexia Dude



July 2022 - Kare11 story


April 2022 - SEAC Fair in Stillwater

Literacy for All Rally Day

News Article written about Rally Day



February 2022 - Testifying at the Capitol



January 2022 - Talking to Teachers about dyslexia and the Science of Reading


August 2021 - North Arm Jam Fundraiser



October 2020 - Dreaming Dyslexics

Parents with Children at youth event

2020 - 2022 A sample of our virtual/live presentations with Q&A



February 2020 - Advocacy Workshop: Advocating With Effective Communication
Attendees were able to hear from Susan Einspar, PACER Attorney and parent advocate, Heather Charmoil, who discussed Crucial Conversations, Mary Cecconi from Parents United, and a panel of DDMN board members for Q&A.



October 2019 - Fall Advocacy Workshop
Parents and Educators gathered to hear talks from Amy Goetz, Special Education Attorney, Dr. Amy Schulting and Vicki Weinberg from MDE, and an Expert Panel. 



August 2019 - North Arm Jam Fundraiser


August 2019 - Decoding Dyslexia National Conference in MN



May 2019 - We started monthly Parent Talks - Due to privacy reasons, we are not posting photos 

5/12/19 Press Conference about the education bill.


April 2019 - IDA Upper Midwest Branch Conference - DDMN Board of Directors hosted a panel discussion at the conference 



February 2019 Dyslexia Rally Day at the MN Capitol

What is Rally? Check it out: Join the Movement

FB Live/Videos - Senators Chamberlain and Clausen; Students raising their voices.

Youtube video - Students at Rally 

Tweets - Rep. Edelson; DDMN; #DDMNRally19

Rally Photos:

2019Rally_(7).jpg 2019Rally_(5).jpg 2019Rally_(3).jpg 2019_Rally_signs_on_the_steps.jpg

2019_Rally_on_the_steps.jpg  2019_Rally.jpg  2019Rally_(6).jpg2019Rally_(2).jpg

Families gathered at the MN Capitol

2019_Rally_Sen_Chamberlain_at_podium.jpg 2019_Rally_Sen_Anderson.jpg 2019_Rally_Sen_Hoffman.jpg

   Senator Chamberlain          Senator Anderson with constituents             Senator Hoffman and student

2019_Rally_Depa_boy.jpg 2019Rally_(8).jpg 2019Rally_(10).jpg 2019Rally_(9).jpg

Students addressing the crowd from the podium

2019_Rally_Sen_Chamberlain.jpg 2019_Rally_Rep_Ginny_Klevorn.jpg 2019_Rally_Rep_Patty_Acomb.jpg

Sen. Chamberlain and DDMN; Students with Rep. Klevorn;  Students with Rep. Acomb

January 2019 Parent Advocacy Workshop - Parents learned more about how to advocate for their children and for other children with dyslexia.

chamberlain.jpg event2.jpg MDE_specialist.jpg 

feedback.jpg event.jpg panel.jpg

January 2019 Evidence-based reading instruction hearing in the Senate Education K-12 Finance & Policy Committee


2018 Microsoft Assistive Technology (AT) Event:


Families at the Microsoft Mall of America store


Families came to learn more about Microsoft's AT options

2017 Legislative Session and Events:


DDMN constituents with Sen. Roger Chamberlain


Families gathered on the steps in support of dyslexia.


Ready to testify (Senate Education Committee Hearing)


DDMN volunteers meeting with Sen. Cwodzinski


Taking a bill to The Hopper


DDMN volunteers with Sen. Hawj


Taking a break to admire the Rotunda


Sen. Wiger signing on to dyslexia bill


Senator Nelson posing with a student advocate


Students advocating for dyslexia awareness


Sen. Cwodzinski and Lyn 


Rep. Nornes signed on to our bill


DDMN volunteers with Sen. Wiger


Rep. McDonald signs on to dyslexia bill


DDMN with Sen. Torres Ray


Rep. Runbeck signs on with her constituents looking on


DDMN President Rachel with Sen. Chamberlain


DDMN, Sen. Chamberlain, Sen. Nelson, and MDE at The Reading Center in Rochester

Ninja_Warrior_1.JPG Ninja_Warrior_2.JPGNinja_Warrior_3.JPG

Families networking at our Ninja Warrior event