Update on our bills:

Thank you for all of your wonderful support in contacting your legislators to support children with dyslexia. The Dyslexia Specialist and wording for intervention being "multisensory, systematic, sequential, cumulative, and explicit" is in both omnibus bills. We still have a way to go. Keep up the amazing work! Here is a slideshow of how our bills have progressed so far this session. Here is general information about the legislative process and communicating with legislators.

Pacer Center's Sponsered event on Dyslexia

On June 7 from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.  Sally E. Shaywitz, M.D., and Bennett A. Shaywitz, M.D., co-directors of the Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity, and national experts on dyslexia, will discuss screening, diagnosis, evidence-based interventions, and new educational approaches.  For more information and registration see Pacer's website.

What an amazing Day on the Hill! 


We united as a collective group to illustrate an inequity MN children face in their educational experiences.  What an outpouring of camaraderie, support, and advocacy!  Seeing all of the children with their signs and hearing their voices as they joined us at the podium is a beautiful memory we won't soon forget!

In the afternoon, parents, students and advocates FILLED the seats in the Senate Education Policy hearing!  DD-MN had a powerful testimony with Lyn Haselmann, Dr. Amy Schulting, John Alexander, Jane Conlin, Amanda Cocoran, Luca Preza, and Johanna Honsa testifying on behalf of SF 453.

Star Tribune Journalist, Jean Hopfensperger, has attended Dyslexia Day the past three years and covered the event.  See the article here.

Visit our Facebook page for lots of video and photos of the day.  If you took pictures, please post on our page.

A big THANK YOU to everyone, especially our children, for helping DD-MN drive change for Minnesota's children!!




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