MN 2016 Statutes are now updated

MN 2016 Statutes have been updated with the 2016 session outcomes.   MN Statute 120B.12 - Reading Proficiently No Later Than The End Of 3rd Grade has the new dyslexia amendment (found in Subd 2).  The language states:

  • The district must annually report a summary of the district's efforts to screen and identify students with dyslexia to the commissioner by July 1.
  • (b) A student identified under this subdivision must be provided with alternate instruction.

Please help us educate Minnesota schools of the new statute for students with dyslexia!!   Together we are ensuring that the needs of our children with dyslexia are visible in the eyes of MN educators.

We are continuing to prepare dyslexia legislation for the upcoming 2017 session.




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